Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04 Screenshots

The new version of Ubuntu 17.04 has been released a while ago. There are several flavors based on this Ubuntu 17.04. One of my favorite is the Budgie Remix edition. Ubuntu 17.04 Budgie Remix is powered by Budgie Desktop 10.2.9 which is simple, lightweight and beautiful. This distribution doesn't seem to consume a lot of my computer resources. I can run it from my Live USB. The Live USB is the best way to try the new Ubuntu 17.04 Budgie Remix

Ubuntu 17.04 Budgie Remix Screenshots

The Ubuntu 17.04 Budgie Remix Desktop

Budgie Menu

File Manager

Office Applications

Software Center and Updates Utility

Chromium Web Browser

chromium on Ubuntu 17.04

Photo Viewer application

Words won't be enough to describe the new Ubuntu 17.04 Budgie Remix. Download and try it your self. Enjoy the new Ubuntu Budgie Remix Desktop.