How to install Adobe Flash Plugin on Ubuntu 13.10

Linux is getting easier especially Ubuntu. On this tutorial, I will show you how to install Adobe Flash Plugin on Ubuntu 13.10. Instead of typing commands to install Adobe Flash Plugin, Ubuntu Software Center provides easier way to install Adobe Flash Plugin.

Install Adobe Flash Plugin on Ubuntu 13.10 via Ubuntu Software Center

Step 1. Open Ubuntu Software Center
Step 2. Type flash on the search box

Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 2 Screenshots

I just installed the latest development version of Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 2 on my Virtualbox. Here are some screenshots of Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 2. There seems not many interface upgrade compared to previous Ubuntu 13.04 version. 
Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 2 Desktop

How install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Ubuntu 13.10

This tutorial will show you how to install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Ubuntu 13.10. I just finished installed the latest Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 2 on my Virtualbox and now I am trying to install Guest Additions on it. And this method works perfectly.

How to install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Ubuntu 13.10

1. Go to Devices | Install Guest Additions on the Virtualbox window

Download Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 2

The development of Ubuntu 13.10 is now reached Beta 2 version. We can download this Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 2 iso and test the performance and its features. Together with this release, Ubuntu developer team also announce the availability and possibility to install Ubuntu on smartphone. Even its not a final version, the enthusiast should try to install this Ubuntu on their smartphone. Canonical team also has a good instructions how to install Ubuntu on Smartphone here.



Install Glusterfs Server on Mandriva 2012

Install Glusterfs Server on Mandriva 2012

Glusterfs is another NFS server for Linux which provides a robust NFS server capabilities. Glusterfs has many benefits compared to the ordinary NFS server that comes along with many Linux distribution. Its pretty easy to install and configure. In Mandriva 2012, simply use the following command to install Glusterfs server. Make sure this command executed as root privilege.

urpmi glusterfs-server

To check the glusterfs server version on your computer use this command instead

glusterfsd -–version

For more information, please visit Glusterfs website. In the future, I will post how to create and manage a glusterfs NFS server on Mandriva 2012.

How to install PlexMediaServer on Mandriva 2012

How to install PlexMediaServer on Mandriva 2012

This tutorial is going to show you how to install PlexMediaServer on Mandriva 2012. You can turn Mandriva 2012 into a multimedia server using PlexMediaServer which can be accessed from other computer on the same network. Also we can stream audio and video from Android devices as well.

In order to install PlexMediaServer on Mandriva, please follow these steps.

1. Download the latest PlexMediaServer rpm package


Cannot open PlexMediaManager on Fedora 18

I just installed PlexMediaServer on my Fedora 18. The installation went well but when I tried to open the web console, it did nothing. I cannot open the PlexMediaManager via Firefox. I am still trying to find out why this happen. Maybe I need to get the latest version of PlexMediaServer to solve this problem.

Fedora 20 Alpha 1 is now available for testing

For Fedora lovers, the Alpha 1 of the upcoming Fedora 20 is now available for testing. The new Fedora 20 Alpha 1 comes with many new features including Linux Kernel 3.11, Gnome 3.10, KDE 4.11 and many others. Fedora 20 uses the ARM as the primary architecture. Fedora 20 is also called as “Heisenbug”.



Sony Vaio VPCF1 Overheat, how to solve

I own an Intel Core i7 laptop SONY Vaio VPCF1 series. But I have an annoying problem on it. Everytime I play my favorite game says PES2013 on it, after few minutes it automatically shut down because of overheat. How to solve this problem? I searched around the net and still can’t get any solution so far.

I was advised to download and install Speedfan to check the fan speed. But I am not sure if this is a good way to solve it. What should I do, please help Sad smile

How to install MKVToolNix on Ubuntu Linux

MKVToolNix is a useful tool to edit Matroska (.mkv) movie file. Its a must have application for Matroska video fans. We can easily integrate subtitle to an existing .mkv file using MKVToolNix. Additionally we can also edit, merge the mkv video using this simple tool. Here I am going to show you how to install MKVToolNix on Ubuntu and its derivatives like Pear OS, the OS that I am using to write this post.

First add the gpg key to your system. Simply execute the following command:
 wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
To install MKVToolNix on Ubuntu, please add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list. Select the right Ubuntu version below.

Download Zentyal 3.2 ISO

Zentyal 3.2 has been officially released. Zentyal is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution that was modified and optimized for home server purposes. It comes with a simple web GUI for easier maintenance and configuration. This new Zentyal 3.2 has many major improvements. It was built based on Ubuntu 12.04.03 and featuring Linux 3.8 on board.



Interface Pear OS 8 terinspirasi oleh iOS 7

Tidak dipungkiri, Pear OS atau Pear Linux merupakan distribusi Linux yang cukup cantik, enak dipandang dan mudah digunakan. Dan versi terbaru Pear OS 8 (masih dalam pengembangan) sedikit banyak mengingatkan kita kepada tampilan iOS 7 yang juga baru saja dirilis oleh Apple. Dalam sebuah screenshot yang ditampilkan di halaman Google Plus salah seorang pengguna Pear OS 8, terlihat design icon di Pear OS 8 cukup menarik dan sekali lagi mirip dengan desain iOS 7.

How to add subtitle to MKV video file

On this tutorial I am going to show you how to add subtitle to a .MKV video file. By adding the subtitle, we can then play the video on BluRay player or directly to the TV via USB disk (if the TV supports .mkv video).

To add subtitle to .mkv video, we need a free tool called MKVToolNik. Its a simple application that is helpful for mkv lovers like me. OK I will try to illustrate how to add subtitle to MKV video using MKVToolNik. Make sure you download the software and install it on your PC. Just for you information, MKVToolNik also available for Linux OS. Next time I will post how to install this software on Linux.

1. Open MKVToolNik



Install Ubuntu One Cloud Storage on Windows 8

Is it possible to install Ubuntu One Cloud Storage on Windows 8? Yes, Canonical as the developer of Ubuntu Linux has developed Ubuntu One Cloud Storage application for Windows users. Now, Windows 8 users can store their files on Ubuntu One Cloud Storage with a special application. Ubuntu One is free for personal use. You can sync your files over the internet.


How to install Flash Player on OpenSUSE Linux

How to install Flash Player on OpenSUSE Linux

I just found my old laptop containing OpenSUSE 11.0 installed on it. But unfortunately Flash Player plugin is not installed so I cannot play YouTube videos from this laptop because missing Flash Player. If you have the same problem with me, you can solve this kind of problem by installing Flash Player on OpenSUSE. This short guide will help you to install Flash Player on OpenSUSE, especially OpenSUSE 11.0.
To install Flash Player on OpenSUSE you can simply run this command as root on Terminal.
zypper install flash-player
In few moments, after OpenSUSE finished downloading the packages, you can browse and watch YouTube and other online videos from your favorite web browser.

How to disable visual effects on Ubuntu 12.10

How to disable visual effects on Ubuntu 12.10

I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my Virtualbox. Overall, Ubuntu 12.10 can run with all features enabled but I feel Ubuntu 12.10 runs very slowly when I tried to minimize or maximize the window. The visual effects seems not run smoothly on Virtualbox. I’ve tried to enable the 3D and increase the VRAM amount on the guest machine but still have this problem.

After searching on Google I found a simple way to disable the visual effects on Ubuntu 12.10. And by disabling this effects, now my Ubuntu 12.10 runs faster on Virtualbox. All you need is to install Compiz Config Setting Manager (CCSM). After CCSM is installed we can disable many effects that are active.

How to install Systemback on Ubuntu 12.10

Systemback is a simple and powerful backup tool for Linux. On this tutorial I am going to show you how to install Systemback on Ubuntu 12.10. With Systemback you can create a complete system backup for your Ubuntu 12.10. You can then burn the ISO image and install the ISO on another computer as a clone or simply save the backup for future use. Systemback also has another important features such as:

  • System copy
  • System install
  • Live system creator
  • System upgrade
  • System repair


Create system restore point on Xubuntu using Systemback

On Ubuntu 12.04 there is an interesting application called Systemback. Systemback is a GTK application which can be used to backup our system in single click. Like in Windows OS, Systemback allows us to create system restore points. So we can go back to the previous system state if anything happened to our Xubuntu.



Foto-foto Tanjung Ringgit Lombok

Setelah puas bermain-main dan camping di Pantai Pink, saatnya melanjutkan perjalanan ke Tanjung Ringgit kira-kira 2 kilometer sebelah timur Pantai Pink. Di Tanjung Ringgit kita bisa melihat tebing-tebing yang berhadapan langsung dengan pantai selatan Pulau Lombok dengan ombak yang cukup keren. Disana ada juga peninggalan Jepang seperti meriam dan gua-gua bekas perang dunia ke 2. Berikut foto-foto Tanjung Ringgit


Berwisata ke Pantai Pink Lombok

Sedikit keluar dari topik blog, beberapa hari lalu saya menyempatkan diri untuk berkeliling Lombok bersama rekan-rekan saya. Ada beberapa pantai yang saya kunjungi. Selain Senggigi dan Gili Trawangan, Lombok masih punya banyak pantai yang jauh lebih indah yang pasti sangat menarik bagi Fotografer lanskap. Salah satu nya adalah Pantai Pink. Disebut Pantai Pink karena memang pasir nya berwarna agak pink.

Saya kurang tahu nama asli dari Pantai Pink ini. Pantai Pink terletak di tenggara Pulau Lombok dan masuk ke Kabupaten Lombok Timur. Jarak tempuh dari Mataram sekitar 2 jam menggunakan mobil atau sekitar 1.5 jam dari Bandara Internasional Lombok (BIL). Jalan sudah aspal dan mulus kecuali sekitar 2 km sebelum pantai jalan sudah rusak parah. Tetapi akan terbayar begitu melihat keindahan Pantai Pink, semua penat dan capek rasa nya langsung hilang. Kita bisa melihat gagahnya Gunung Rinjani dari Pantai Pink.

Beberapa foto yang diambil oleh Dhani Eko Nugroho


Pantai Pink di pagi hari.