Turn Ubuntu Server into multimedia server using Plex Media Server

This Ubuntu tutorial will guide you how to turn Ubuntu Server into multimedia server that can be accessed from anywhere on our local network using Plex Media Server. The idea is to have a centralized server that handle and store music, movies and photos in a single location and then we can play those media on other computers, mobile phone (Android). It’s a fun way to build our own multimedia center.

Tutorial Objectives:

  • Install PlexMediaServer on Ubuntu 12.10 server
  • Play multimedia files from other computer and Android phones


  • Ubuntu 12.10 Server (you can use previous Ubuntu Server 12.04 or earlier as well)
  • PlexMediaCenter binary file
  • Internet connection

Install PlexMediaServer on Ubuntu 12.10

To install PlexMediaServer on Ubuntu 12.10 you must download the binary file from this link (32bit). Then install it using command:
sudo dpkg –i plexmediaserver_0.
Change the version match with yours. Once finished, PMS should be up and running. We can manage this media server via web browser. Open the manager page by typing this address: http://pmsserver:32400/manage. pmsserver is your plex media server ip address.

On this page, you can add and manage the music, movies or photo collection. At this point, our multimedia center is up and running. Now we need to install the “player” on another computer or mobile phone.

Install PlexMedia Center on Windows OS

To play music or video on the PMS, we need to install a special software called PlexMedia Center (PMC). Its an integrate multimedia player for PlexMediaServer. PMC comes with a pretty interface. Download PlexMedia Center executable file and install it as usual. Then run it. For more information about PlexMedia Center, please visit this official website.

That’s it you can now play all your multimedia files on the server using Plex Media Center from Windows.

Install Plex Media application for Android phone

You can also play your multimedia collections from Android phone. Make sure the PMS is connected to the LAN and wireless network. So we can access it and play from any mobile phone. For complete list of Plex Media App for mobile phone, you can directly visit this page. Currently it supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.

OK now we have completely set up a multimedia server using Plex Media Server, install Plex Media Center on Windows. Also we can play it from Android or iPhone as well. All these stuffs are free. Thanks for reading this post Turn Ubuntu Server into multimedia server using PlexMedia Server